Manufacturing is an important game mechanic in StarMade. It allows player to mass produce large quantities of items in the game, thus allowing a player or faction to progress militarily or economically.

How Factories WorkEdit

In the current version of Starmade, factories work off two blocks: Factory Input and Factory Input Enhancers.

Factory inputs have 2 major components to them, the recipe and the parts used to make the recipe. To use the factory, first make sure your station (as factory blocks can only be placed on stations) is powered and has space for your factory blocks. Second, place and go into your Factory Input block with "R", and place your recipe in the top left box. Your factory will then take the blocks you give it and if they are on the recipe, it will use them to make the recipe output.

To increase a factory's production, place Factory Input Enhancers nearby and connect them to the Factory Input you wish to make faster with "C" and "V".

If however, you are using a older version of Starmade, a list of built in recipes can be found below.

Recipe ListEdit

Note: Use Ctrl + F in your browser, and type in the item you are looking for. Pictures as well as the name of the item will be added soon, so they are easier to find.

Factory Type: Particle Press

  • [(Plextanium L1(132) x1), (Rock(73) x25)] --> [(Grey Hull(5) x1)]
  • [(PURPLE PAINT(240) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Purple Hull(69) x5)]
  • [(Awesomite L1(136) x5)] --> [(SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1)]
  • [(Purptacles(105) x3), (SCIENCE BOTTLE(273) x1)] --> [(PROTEIN 3000B(249) x1)]
  • [(Mini Cactus(103) x1), (SCIENCE BOTTLE(273) x1)] --> [(PROTEIN 1000B(247) x1)]
  • [(Alien Flowers(108) x5), (SCIENCE BOTTLE(273) x1)] --> [(PROTEIN 30000A(252) x1)]
  • [(Yellow Hull(79) x1), (SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1), (SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1), (SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1), (SD3000 MEMORY MODULE(237) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE ADVANCED(258) x1)]
  • [(BROWN PAINT(241) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Brown Hull(70) x5)]
  • [(Yhole(109) x20)] --> [(YHOLE NUCLEUS(254) x1)]
  • [(Plextanium L1(132) x5)] --> [(SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1)]
  • [(Tall Shroom(100) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(BLACK PAINT(244) x1)]
  • [(Negagate L1(208) x5)] --> [(SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1)]
  • [(Quantacide L1(207) x5)] --> [(SD1000 MEMORY MODULE(235) x1)]
  • [(Grass Flowers(98) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(GREEN PAINT(242) x1)]
  • [(Sand(74) x50)] --> [(GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)]
  • [(Red Shroom(104) x2)] --> [(PROTEIN 2000B(248) x1)]
  • [(YELLOW PAINT(243) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Yellow Hull(79) x5)]
  • [(Succumite L1(134) x5)] --> [(SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR(229) x1)]
  • [(Orangutanium L1(133) x5)] --> [(SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1)]
  • [(Alien Vine(97) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(BROWN PAINT(241) x1)]
  • [(Purspire(101) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(WHITE PAINT(245) x1)]
  • [(Rock(107) x5), (SCIENCE BOTTLE(273) x1)] --> [(PROTEIN 20000A(251) x1)]
  • [(Brown Patch(95) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(RED PAINT(239) x1)]
  • [(Tall Flowers(106) x5)] --> [(PROTEIN 10000A(250) x1)]
  • [(GREEN PAINT(242) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Green Hull(78) x5)]
  • [(Metate L1(209) x5)] --> [(SD3000 MEMORY MODULE(237) x1)]
  • [(WHITE PAINT(245) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(White Hull(81) x5)]
  • [(Negacide L1(206) x5)] --> [(SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1)]
  • [(RED PAINT(239) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Red Hull(76) x5)]
  • [(Quantanium L1(131) x5)] --> [(SD1000 FLUX COIL(226) x1)]
  • [(GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1), (Tall Grass Flowers(102) x5)] --> [(BLUE PAINT(246) x1)]
  • [(Quantagen L1(130) x5)] --> [(SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1)]
  • [(Grass Patch(93) x10)] --> [(PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1)]
  • [(Mars Tentacles(96) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(PURPLE PAINT(240) x1)]
  • [(Vappecide L1(137) x5)] --> [(SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE(232) x1)]
  • [(Rock(73) x500)] --> [(SCIENCE BOTTLE(273) x1)]
  • [(BLACK PAINT(244) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Black Hull(75) x5)]
  • [(Extranium L1(72) x5)] --> [(SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE(233) x1)]
  • [(Exogen L1(128) x5)] --> [(SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1)]
  • [(Long Weed(99) x1), (GLASS BOTTLE(272) x1)] --> [(YELLOW PAINT(243) x1)]
  • [(BLUE PAINT(246) x1), (Grey Hull(5) x5)] --> [(Blue Hull(77) x5)]
  • [(Soil(87) x100), (Rock(73) x100), (PROTEIN 1000B(247) x1)] --> [(Grey Hull(5) x5)]
  • [(Octogen L1(129) x5)] --> [(SD2000 CAPACITOR(224) x1)]
  • [(Insanium L1(210) x5)] --> [(SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)]
  • [(Cenomite L1(135) x5)] --> [(SD2000 MICROPROCESSOR(230) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE(232) x1), (SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1)] --> [(AntiMatter Cannon(16) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 MEMORY MODULE(235) x1), (SD1000 FLUX COIL(226) x1)] --> [(Hyperflux Coil Thruster(8) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne 1000Edit

  • [(SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1), (SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR(229) x1)] --> [(SD Shield Disperser(3) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne 2000Edit

  • [(SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE(233) x1), (SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1)] --> [(SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x1)]
  • [(SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1), (SD1000 FLUX COIL(226) x1)] --> [(Dis-Integrater(14) x1)]
  • [(SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1), (SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE(232) x1)] --> [(Turret Docking Unit(7) x1)]
  • [(SD2000 CAPACITOR(224) x1), (SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR(229) x1)] --> [(SD KB Missile Array(40) x1)]
  • [(SD2000 MICROPROCESSOR(230) x1), (SD1000 MEMORY MODULE(235) x1)] --> [(d1000 Missile Array(32) x1)]
  • [(SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1), (YHOLE NUCLEUS(254) x1)] --> [(SD-BB Missile Array(48) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne 3000Edit

  • [(SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1), (PROTEIN 3000B(249) x1)] --> [(BOBBY(121) x1)]
  • [(SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1), (SD2000 MICROPROCESSOR(230) x1)] --> [(Turret Docking Enhancer Unit(88) x1)]
  • [(SD3000 MEMORY MODULE(237) x1), (SD2000 CAPACITOR(224) x1)] --> [(Gravity Unit(56) x1)]
  • [(SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1), (SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1)] --> [(AstroTechnobeam(30) x1)]
  • [(SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1), (SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1)] --> [(Salvage Cannon(24) x1)]
  • [(SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1), (SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE(233) x1)] --> [(PlexRecycler(114) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne 10000Edit

  • [(SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x1), (YHOLE NUCLEUS(254) x1), (PROTEIN 3000B(249) x1)] --> [(PlexUndeathinator(94) x1)]
  • [(SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x1), (SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1)] --> [(PlexDoor(122) x1)]
  • [(Gravity Unit(56) x1), (PlexLight(55) x1), (Black Hull(75) x1)] --> [(PlexLander(112) x1)]
  • [(Awesomite L1(136) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1), (SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1)] --> [(PlexStorage(120) x1)]
  • [(Gravity Unit(56) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1), (SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1)] --> [(PlexLifter(113) x1)]
  • [(Grey Hull(5) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SD Cockpit(47) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1), (SD2000 CAPACITOR(224) x1)] --> [(PlexLight(55) x1)]
  • [(Plextanium L1(132) x1), (PROTEIN 3000B(249) x1), (YHOLE NUCLEUS(254) x1)] --> [(Plextanium Glass(63) x6)]
  • [(SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE(232) x1), (SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE(233) x1), (SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1)] --> [(d1000 Missile CPU(38) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1), (SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1), (SD3000 MEMORY MODULE(237) x1)] --> [(PlexBeacon(62) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 FLUX COIL(226) x1), (SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1)] --> [(Weapons Computer(6) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 MEMORY MODULE(235) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1), (SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1)] --> [(SD KB Missile CPU(46) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR(229) x1), (SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1), (SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1)] --> [(Salvage Computer(4) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne 30000Edit

  • [(SD1000 FLUX COIL(226) x1), (SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1)] --> [(AstroTechnician(39) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 DELTA INTERFACE(232) x1), (SD2000 DELTA INTERFACE(233) x1), (SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1)] --> [(0C Cloaker(22) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 MICROPROCESSOR(229) x1), (SD2000 MICROPROCESSOR(230) x1), (SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1)] --> [(10x RadarJammer(15) x1)]
  • [(Purple Hull(69) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x2), (SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x5), (YHOLE NUCLEUS(254) x2)] --> [(Ship Core(1) x1)]
  • [(SD1000 CAPACITOR(223) x1), (SD2000 FLUX COIL(227) x1), (SD3000 MEMORY MODULE(237) x1)] --> [(SD-BB Missile Computer(54) x1)]

Factory Type: Schemadyne AdvancedEdit

Schemadyne Hardened Hull RecipesEdit

  • [(Blue Hull(77) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(BLUE POWERHULL(267) x1)]
  • [(Green Hull(78) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(GREEN POWERHULL(268) x1)]
  • [(Yellow Hull(79) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(GOLD POWERHULL(270) x1)]
  • [(Purple Hull(69) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(PURPLE POWERHULL(266) x1)]
  • [(Red Hull(76) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(RED POWERHULL(265) x1)]
  • [(Grey Hull(5) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(GREY POWERHULL(263) x1)]
  • [(White Hull(81) x1), (PROTEIN 40000A(253) x1), (SD HCT xm3.4 Power(2) x2)] --> [(WHITE POWERHULL(271) x1)]

Schemadyne Factory Series RecipesEdit

Schemadyne 1000Edit
  • [(BOBBY(121) x1), (SD2000 MEMORY MODULE(236) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE 1000(259) x1)]
​Schemadyne 2000Edit
  • [(BOBBY(121) x1e), ef(SD3000 CAPACITOR(225) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE 2000(260) x1)]
​Schemadyne 3000Edit
  • [(BOBBY(121) x1), (SD3000 DELTA INTERFACE(234) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE 3000(261) x1)]
​Schemadyne 10000Edit
  • [(BOBBY(121) x1), (SD3000 FLUX COIL(228) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE 10000(255) x1)]
​Schemadyne 30000Edit
  • [(BOBBY(121) x1), (SD3000 MICROPROCESSOR(231) x1), (SD PROTON REACTOR(238) x1)] --> [(SCHEMADYNE 30000(257) x1)]

Tutorials: Edit

An introduction tutorial for creating factories and beginning manufacturing. 

Starmade A starting guide for manufacturing-0

Starmade A starting guide for manufacturing-0