Power in StarmadeEdit

Within Starmade, almost everything requires some degree of power. Everything from thrusters to missiles to shields require power. So it is imperative that you have enough power to make all your systems work. This is quite simple in Starmade, as power currently only has 2 factors:

  • Power Regeneration
  • Power Capacity

Power regeneration issues can be fixed by adding SD HCT xm3.4 Power blocks. Power capacity can be fixed by adding Power Tanks. How to place them efficiently can be shown below.

Power Block Placement & MechanicsEdit

The most efficient way to make a reactor with a high energy regeneration rate is by enlarging one or more of the dimensions as much as possible.

Starmade - Power Tutorial

Starmade - Power Tutorial

Types of ReactorEdit

There are several types of reactor designs that may be followed:

  • Solid Cube Reactors - One of the most simple designs, it is simply a solid cube of SD HCT xm3.4 blocks. It is also the least efficient in terms of power regeneration rate.
  • Complex Cube Reactors - Actually many smaller reactors crammed into a cube-shaped space, this design exploits the fact that reactor groupings do not consider parts touching only by corners and/or edges to be part of the same assembly.
  • Straight Line Reactors - A giant column that extends through the length, breadth, or height of the ship or station. Very simple to build.
  • X Reactor - Consists of several Straight Line Reactors touching by the corners in order to save space. Has a characteristic "X" shape.
  • L Reactor - Two Straight Line Reactors joined along different planes, L Reactors can take up a smaller effective portion of a vessel or station without sacrificing any power generation.
  • X, Y, Z Reactor - Best described as 3 pillars going in 3 different directions, this reactor can further shorten the effective size of a reactor assembly if the ship or station it is on has enough height...

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