Ship CombatEdit

In Starmade, there are two primary types of ship combat.

  • Ship vs Ship
  • Ship vs Station

Ship vs Ship

Ship vs Ship battles are the most common types of battles in Starmade, and can range from Player vs Player to Player vs Pirate. The way to win in both these types of battles is to take out the enemy Ship Core via whatever means you see fit. The core can be taken out by any type of damage, and you will know when it's destroyed when a small amount of text and a counting down timer will appear near the enemy’s core. The message means the core is overheating, and will destroy the whole ship when it hits zero. During this time it is advised that you salvage what you can from the ship before the core overheats.


Tactics in Starmade are very much dependant on your ship and its capabilities, as well as the capabilities of the opposing ship. For some ships may be good at manually firing with Anti-Matter Cannons, some will have cloaking; some may have turrets, etc. There is also the dependency on how much of the opposing ship you actually want to salvage. For if you don't care, a few shots with any missiles will take the enemy out, but there will be nothing left to salvage.

Ship vs Station

In Ship vs Station battles, the aim is very different from ship vs ship battles. Some stations will have faction modules on them, so if you can take that then the station is open to salvage. If there is no faction module, the base can be salvaged anyway.


In ship vs station battles, tactics are very different to ship vs ship battles. Scouting is important, especially for the attacker. As most stations are protected with turrets, be wary around them as the turrets will shoot as soon as you get in range. See Turrets in Building Better Ships for more info on turrets and how they work.